Our aim for the curriculum is for it to create knowledgeable learners, who are analytical thinkers, problem-solvers, creative and independent. This is achieved through carefully chosen themes, texts and authentic experiences which will engage the children and provide lots of opportunities for them to revisit and build on prior learning. By regularly reflecting on their knowledge the children should become more aware of where they are in their leaning and know what they need to do to improve. We will challenge them and help them to progress in all subject areas through creating a climate where they are prepared to fail as well as succeed and be proud of their and others successes. For more information on the pedagogical principles behind our curriculum design please read our Teaching and Learning document.

English skills are taught separately but it is linked to the wider curriculum through the texts chosen and opportunities to read and write are planned for within other subject areas.

Maths skills are also taught separately but opportunities to re visit and practice key skills are built into the long term planning of the wider curriculum.    

RE, PE and PSHE are also timetabled individually, but aspects may be covered through another curriculum area being studied.

All of other subjects are taught through our newly designed Connected Curriculum.