School Council

Each year, a School Council is elected with representatives from each class. They meet to discuss issues raised by the children and support the school in setting future improvement work. The Council’s aim is to help make our school a safe and happy place to learn. Our school council is divided into four groups – Sport, Wellbeing, Charity and Teaching/Learning.

Mr Glover, Mrs Stabb, Mr Walters and Mrs Vindel will be working with the children this year.


We want every child at Coniston to enjoy PE and Sport and have the opportunity to attend a club and to represent the school.             


We will work with the school community to raise money for different charities that support children in need.  Helping them to have a good education and happy childhood experiences.


Our role is to promote positive mental health and healthy life styles to make Coniston happy and improve the mental health wellbeing of everyone.

Teaching and Learning

We want to ensure that all children at Coniston receive and an equal education where they engage with and enjoy their work whilst challenging themselves and making progress.