Year 3

Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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These are the people you will meet in Year 3

Teacher: Mrs Dickinson (Mrs Hayes Wednesday PM)

Key information:

Year 3 have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday.

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Term 4

This term we will continue with our theme of The Stone Age to the Iron Age.  In history we will be looking at the changes that occurred in Britain during this huge expanse of time.  From evidence of the first people who called this land their home, to the introduction of farming and finally the discovery of metal, we will learn about how these people lived.  In literacy we will base our writing on the historical novel ‘The Boy with the Bronze Axe.

Home learning literacy pictures

WOW event

We looked at some of the first art work ever created; cave paintings dating back thousands of years.  Although there are no written records of what life was like at this time we learned a lot from these images.  We enjoyed making our own cave paintings, especially the part where we got to scrunch them into a tight ball to create a rough stone surface effect.

World Book Day.

We had a great day dressed up as characters from one of our favourite class stories ‘Stitch Head’ by Guy Bass.  We spent the day enjoying lots of book based activities and enjoyed listening to a story read by our mystery reader.

Term 3

This term we will begin our new topic The Stone Age to the Iron Age.  The children’s learning begins with a science focus learning all about rocks and soils.  The Power of Reading book “The Pebble in my Pocket” will complement the children’s new scientific knowledge and be the inspiration for our first narrative as we tell the story of our own pebble.  We will then begin our history focus on life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.  As we read “The boy with the Bronze Axe” we will step back into the Stone Age and learn about the daily life and rituals of the ancient village of Skara Brae. This compelling, fictional account of the famous Orkney settlement provides the inspiration for our writing. Two of the central characters, sister and brother, Kali and Brockan, live in the village at Skara Brae. When the story begins they are using their stone axes to chip limpets off the rocks, but they find themselves trapped by the tide. They are rescued by a complete stranger, a boy called Tenko who comes from a land far away to the south. Tenko possesses a bronze axe and bronze is something the villagers of Skara Brae know nothing about – Tenko’s bronze axe is sharper, more effective, more magical than anything the local people possess.  We will write our own narrative based on the story as well as writing reports on an aspect of the three time periods studied.

Road safety

This afternoon we were visited by South Gloucestershire Road Safety Team.  We learnt about the safe places we can cross the road, why it’s important to wear a seat belt for even the shortest of journeys and about making sure we are safe whilst riding our bikes.  We learned the ABC of bike maintenance that we should check every time we ride our bike.  A was for air, B was for breaks and C was for chain.  We also saw what happened to poor Fred the egg when he didn’t wear his helmet.  The children were also reminded that if they are under 135cm they legally still need to be in a booster seat when they are in a car.

Open water safety

Today we were visited by a member of the fire service.  He talked to us about staying safe near water and what to do in an emergency. 

Term 2

This term our topic will have a science focus and we will be learning all about forces and magnets.  Our writing this term will be based on the book “The Dunderheads” by Paul Fleishman in which a tyrannical teacher meets her match in a subversive, witty tale.  Told in the first person by one of her students, the impressive Einsten, the time-squandering, mindwandering, doodling, dozing dunderheads in her class must face their greatest challenge yet when she confiscates Junkyard’s latest find. In a spectacular display of teamwork aimed at teaching Miss Breakbone a lesson she won’t soon forget the group return Junkyard’s item.  As well as practising last term’s skills we will also be learning to use a mixture of simple and compound sentences and use commas in a list.  We will use all these skills to create suspense as we write an alternative ending to the story and finally write a persuasive letter to Miss Breakbone’s headteacher to ensure she changes her behaviour.


Thank you to all the parents who have come to parent’s evening this week; it was lovely to see you all and share your child’s progress.  We are now really enjoying the last few days of what has been a very busy term.  Here are some of the lovely snowmen collages that the children created today.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and please remember to complete as much of the holiday reading bingo as you can.

Living Roads

In today’s assembly we had some special visitors who came to tell us all about “Living roads”.  We learned why it is important for us to find alternative ways to arrive at school than in a car.  In class we will keep a daily record of how we came to school and can earn points if we don’t come all the way by car.  These points will be added up at the end of term and if we have been active enough we will earn a badge.


After making some predictions about how different materials would affect the amount of friction created between two objects and devising a fair test, we collected our data.

WOW! Forces Launch Day

We started this term’s learning with a challenge to see who could build the best vehicle based on the distance it was able to travel.  We had a variety of “junk” to choose from and created some impressive looking designs before testing them out in the school hall.  There was one clear winner and we discussed why we thought it had done so well.  This week in our science lessons we will be exploring the effect of friction in more detail.

Term 1

This term, we will be immersing ourselves into a text called “The Egyptian Cinderella”.  We will be following the journey of a young girl slave who marries the mighty Pharaoh.  We will then write our own rags to riches tale set in ancient Egypt using all the facts we have learnt during our history lessons.  Finally, we will write newspaper reports about key events in the story. We will be learning how to use noun phrases, speech punctuation and adverbs and prepositions. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes form the book.

Class museum

At the end of term we shared our learning with the year 2 class.  We were able to share lots of interesting facts.

Diwali Lamp Making Workshop

This term in RE we have been learning about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. As part of the Patchway Diwali Festival two artists came into school and helped us to make these beautiful lanterns.

Bristol sport

This term we are working with Bristol Sport and will be learning Tag Ruby skills and applying these to some games. 

Warburtons bread making

We learnt that one of the main foods in ancient Egypt was bread. Today we were visited by the lovely ladies from Warburton who taught us about food safety, a balanced diet and how bread is mass produced. We then got to make our own bread roll.  We had an amazing morning and the bread was delicious!

Ukulele Lessons

Today was our first Ukulele lesson.  Over the next two terms we will be learning some songs to perform to the rest of the school and our families.

During our Ukulele lessons we will be learning to:

  • Listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory
  • Understand staff and other musical notations
  • Play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using our voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression.

WOW – we received an unusual parcel.

To kick start our enquiry “What was life like in Ancient Egypt”, we received an unusual parcel in the post.  Inside was a single rose-red slipper and a scroll written in symbols. We hypothesised who the slipper might belong to before we used a key to decipher the message.  We found out that the symbols were ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. After reading the message we made our own cartouches.