Medical Matters

Flu Information

Download the latest information regarding flu vaccinations from Public Health England – Flu – 5 reasons poster

General Information

The School Nurse makes visits to carry out eye tests, height and weight recordings, hearing tests and hygiene inspections. No hair inspections are carried out at school, so we do ask parents to make regular checks for head-lice accordingly. Regular combing at bedtime reduces the chances of head-lice, as does tying back long hair. If in doubt, please contact your GP.

We would ask that all parents inform the school should any of their children suffer from specific ailments, e.g. asthma, diabetes, hearing loss, defective vision etc. which may need special help or attention.

Wherever possible, medication should be taken at home. However, if your child needs to take prescribed medication please contact the school office for a form requesting a member of staff administers this. This form will need to be completed before the medication is brought into school.  Please note: We can only administer medication if it is prescribed 4 times per day. No un-prescribed medicines should be brought into school.

Illnesses and accidents do, unfortunately, occur. We have a number of staff who have First Aid training and will deal with such incidents appropriately. There are occasions when we need to contact parents before the end of the school day, so please make sure we have up-to-date contact information for you at all times.

Allergies and Dietary needs

It is important to let us know if your child suffers from any particular allergy, illness or has a dietary need.

If you child suffers from asthma, a consent form will need to be completed before you can leave an inhaler in school. A form will also have to be completed if your child needs to take prescribed medication during the school day. Please talk to any member of staff if you have any concerns.