About the Governors

Here is a little background information about each of our governors.


I am a Local Authority Governor and have been a member of the Governing Body since January 2011. I was elected Chair in February 2012 and serve on both the Curriculum and Staffing and the Finance and Resources Committees. I have served on other Governing Bodies in both S Gloucestershire and Bristol and was previously a Chair for 6 years.

I have been in education all my working life, having gone from college to teaching in schools. After a lengthy period in a variety of schools I worked in the former County of Avon within the advisory support service as Senior Assessment Coordinator. On the demise of Avon I established my own education consultancy. I am currently semi-retired. I am particularly interested in curriculum matters, assessment for learning and staff performance and development.

I joined the Governing Body as I felt that my knowledge and expertise could be of benefit to the whole school community.


I am an ex-pupil of Coniston together with my three sisters, and my own five children also attended school here so Coniston has played a big role in my family’s past.  I am a busy working mum.  I have been a manager at McDonald’s in Patchway for the last 30 years and this is where a lot of the Coniston people know me from. 

I am a real people person – I love to get involved and help others where I can.   I feel very privileged to be a governor at Coniston and look forward to being actively involved in school life.


I am very much looking forward to taking up my first position as a school governor in 2014. I left the Army in 2013 after a varied, challenging and enjoyable 23 years, including operational and training deployments all over the world. Unusually for an infantry officer, I stepped ‘out of lane’ somewhat and worked in fields as diverse as intelligence, psychological operations and managing procurement programmes.

I continue to work in Defence as a technology consultant with Actica Consulting Ltd, but after a long career in public service my aspiration to make a worthwhile contribution to society endures. As a Chartered Engineer, Member of the IET, Member of the BPS and Fellow of the CMI, I hope that I can make a positive contribution at Coniston.

I am an Englishman exiled in South Wales, accompanied by my wife, two cats, two guinea pigs and five hens. Last but very far from least, my 12 year-old son attends secondary school in Cardiff. I love making stuff and often spend weekends driving my wife insane with my latest DIY project.


I am a Staff Governor on both the Finance & Premises and Staffing & Curriculum Committees since becoming a member of the Governing Body in 2010.

I have worked in education since 2002 employed in various roles within primary and secondary schools whilst working on extended schools projects.

My interest and enthusiasm for education have given me the opportunity to use my skills to support our school and pupils.

Being a Governor gives the Governing Body and I the opportunity to demonstrate accountability for the decisions and actions that we take which always put the interests of our pupils and the community as the first priority.


I joined the board as a Parent Governor in October 2013 as my two sons currently attend Coniston Primary. Ever since my eldest child joined in 2011, I have felt passionately about the school and am really keen to see it succeed. I feel that the involvement of parents is key to the success of both individual students and the school as a whole. I hope to bring that essential parent’s perspective to the governing body.

I am now a full-time mother, but as a former bookseller I am passionate about improving literacy among young people; something which I feel is important to begin at a young age. I grew up in Patchway and, aside from a short period in the neighbouring Bradley Stoke, I have lived here for almost 30 years. I care a great deal about the community and feel it has a lot to offer young people.


I have been a Governor at Coniston since September 11, and Chair the Finance and Premises Committee. I was a Founding Governor at Bradley Stoke Community School and served there for six years.

I work as a Chartered Insurance Practitioner, specialising in personal financial advice. My job prepares people for the future and to protect their family. This is similar to Coniston Primary School, which has professional and dedicated teachers who support their pupils and their families to look to a brighter future.

I ride a motorbike and support Sheffield United & Arsenal

Sue Lock


I have been the Headteacher at Coniston Primary school since January 2018 and am very proud to work in such a vibrant and forward-thinking school surrounded by an excellent team of staff and governors. Prior to that I was the Deputy Headteacher at Cherry Garden Primary School, Bitton for 7 years and have also held a wide variety of teaching and senior leadership roles within other South Gloucestershire schools. Between 2006 and 2012 I combined my school-based roles at Elm Park Primary, Winterbourne and Abbotswood, Yate with school development support work commissioned by the Local Authority through my role as an Advanced Skills Teacher. I have also been a governor at each of the schools I have worked in, in addition to leading governor training at county level.

A good primary education is, in my opinion, fundamental to improving future life chances. Since qualifying as a teacher, I have always been passionate about giving children the best possible start to their education through providing high-quality learning experiences and a fully-enriched curriculum and exciting and engaging extra-curricular opportunities. I believe that learning is at its best when children are given opportunities to work creatively, explore their thinking and ideas, collaborate with others and ask questions.  At Coniston we seek to develop a culture of high aspiration and endless possibilities for all our learners with the universal belief that all our children can, and WILL, succeed. This has always been – and always will be – my fundamental guiding principle as both a teacher and a senior leader.

Happy, confident and successful children however, can only truly shine if they are learning in a climate of happy, confident and successful staff! Developing effective and united staff teams has always been a keen interest of mine and I work tirelessly to promote a positive working environment where all staff feel their contributions are appreciated, their ongoing professional development supported and their personal wellbeing valued.


I have worked at St Chad’s Pre School for the past 17 years, and have been the manager since 2008. Prior to working at the pre school I was a registered childminder. Working in the pre school has given me a very good understanding of the needs of our youngest children and how best to support them during this time of rapid physical and mental development. I have also worked as a volunteer with primary school children during the time my own children were at primary school. I love sewing, reading and walking my dog when I have the time!!! I have a grandson who is in his first year of primary school and it is interesting to see through him how different this experience is now to when my own children were that age. Becoming a governor seems like the natural progression for me at this time.



I joined Coniston Primary School in 2012 and currently work as the Learning Mentor, working with children across the school as well as with families and the wider community.

Although I was born in England, I spent a lot of my childhood in Spain and Australia and came back to England to study Psychology.  I am a busy mum of three children that attend local Primary, Secondary and Post16  schools, our calendar can be very busy!

I have a very strong sense of commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities, therefore I am delighted to be a Governor, serving on the Curriculum and Staffing Committee, as I strongly believe that Coniston Primary has much to offer it’s pupils, families, staff and community.


I have been a governor since Jan 2017 and relished serving on the Curriculum and Staffing and Finances and Premises Committees. I believe a good education is very important, but that students will only learn if they also enjoy it. I was lucky enough to enjoy my studies so much that I continued on to do a PhD in theoretical physics. I am grateful to my brilliant school teachers for inspiring this interest in me, and I look to see Coniston’s teachers doing similarly.

I am Secretary to the South West Branch of the Institute of Physics and help organise outreach activities to encourage children’s interested in science, and believe it should begin at a young age. I hope I can assist Coniston in this area. I also hope to carry across my passion for Maths and Science to our students.

As a Technology Consultant for the government, I seek to solve the problems they face and help them exploit new technological advances. My work in renewable energy has also helped in these matters, and I hope to utilise these skills to help solve any issues Coniston may face.



I have been Clerk to the Governing Body at Coniston Primary School since September 2012.

My background has been in senior Personal Assistant/Office Manager positions in both the Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing Industries.

I have served as a Local Parish Councillor and am secretary to two pedigree cat clubs. I am also Clerk to the Governing Body at St Stephen’s Infant School.