Year 1

Welcome to Year 1’s class page where you will be able to closely follow our learning journey throughout the year. Here you will find information about what we have been learning, examples of amazing work and all of the interesting activities that the children have been doing. Remember to keep visiting to make sure you are up to date with our learning journey!

Who’s Who?

These are the people you will meet in Year 1

Teacher:   Mr Payne    (Mrs Hayes Wed PM)

TAs:   Mrs J Wood

Class Newsletters and Homework

Term 1

This term we will be welcoming the children back to school where they will be introduced to the new adults that they will be working with and their new classroom environment. We will begin with the topic “All About Me,” where the children will get to know themselves and each other better by talking about their families and hobbies. Once the children are settled, we will begin to use the traditional tale “The Three Little Pigs” as inspiration to write our own stories and instructions on “How to Catch a Wolf.”

This week we were learning all about Autumn. We went outside and collected natural materials to create our own Halloween-inspired sculptures. The children were inspired by the poem “Orange, Yellow, Red and Brown,” to go outside and search for different coloured leaves. After that they carefully sketched them back in the classroom.

To celebrate Diwali, a dance teacher came to teach both Year 1 and 2 a traditional Bollywood dance. The children loved learning new dance moves that they had never seen before and hearing a new style of music.

After our discussion about how best to keep the three little pigs safe, we learnt all about the different properties of materials. We went outside to find items made of different materials with a range of properties. We also discussed whether they were natural or man-made materials. We found lots of materials that would help keep the Big Bad Wolf out of our own houses!

Today we were inspired by the story The Three Little Pigs and discussed what the children thought would be the best way to catch a wolf! We came up with lots of different ideas and then used materials from both inside and outside the classroom to create our own traps.

Today we were visited by the local fire service who told us all about fire safety. They explained what we should do if we see a fire and also how important it is to have a smoke alarm in your house. We loved looking inside the fire engine and finding out about the different tools. We even got to have a go at using the hose!

This week, we drew ourselves and labelled our important body parts. We talked about why each body part was so important and how life would be difficult without them. We also used mirrors to paint self-portraits. We thought carefully about the sizes and shapes of our different features and the colours that we used.