Governors have an enormously important role to play in running our school and helping to provide the best possible education for our children. The Governing Body works with the Head Teacher to provide a vision and a strategic framework. Its also ensures that the Head Teacher performs his responsibilities for the educational performance of the school; and ensures the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources.

The Head Teacher, on the other hand, is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and its educational performance.

The Governing Body of Coniston Primary School consists of 11 members comprising the Head Teacher, 4 parents, who are elected by parents, one member of staff, elected by staff, one Local Authority member and 4 co-opted members. From time to time there may be associate members who are invited to join the Governing Body as their particular skills, expertise and interests can make an invaluable contribution to the Governing Body and to the School. Find out about our Governor Structure…

The Governing Body has an important monitoring role so in addition to attending formal meetings all Governors have a ‘watching’ brief. Currently these areas include Pupil Progress, Literacy, Numeracy, Early Years, SEN (including vulnerable children and Gifted & Talented), Health & Safety, Safeguarding and Pupil Premium.

We also monitor through our attendance at pupil conferencing sessions and in joining the senior leadership team in learning walks.


FGB 24 September 2019 5.45-8.00
Committees 22 October 2019 Curriculum      4.00-5.30

Finance          5.45-7.15

FGB 26 November 2019 5.45-8.00
Committees 7 January 2020 Curriculum      4.00-5.30

Finance           5.45-7.15

FGB 4 February 2020 5.45-8.00
Committees 10 March 2020 Curriculum      4.00-5.30

Finance          5.45-7.15

FGB 28 April 2020 5.45-8.00
Committees 2 June 2020 Curriculum      4.00-5.30

Finance          5.45-7.15

FGB 30 June 2020 5.45-8.00

Full Governing Body

Chair: Mike Lloyd

Vice Chair: Rob Clarke

We meet as a Full Governing Body 5 times a year.

Our role is to:

  • Hold a clear strategic view of the school
  • Provide support and challenge to the school’s leaders in their work to provide the best possible education for all children at the school
  • Monitor performance management systems and carry out the performance management of the headteacher
  • Ensure that the school’s finances are properly managed

Find out about our Governor Structure…

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