Year 6

Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Who’s Who?

These are the people you will meet in Year 6

Teacher:   Miss E Hann    (Mr S Glover Friday AM)

TAs:   Mrs A Fisher

Key information:

Outdoor PE will take place on Monday and indoor PE will be on a Wednesday.

Term 4

Throughout Term 4, we will be going on an adventure with Zoe who is the main character from our new text ‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgwick. Imagine that a few years from now England is covered by water, and Norwich is an island! How would you survive? Alongside this text, we will be learning all about living things & their habitats and evolution & inheritance, we will also do a comparison study between North America and England linking back to previous learning. As well as this, we will be looking at global issues relating to the book and our other learning with a focus on endangered animals. During this term, we will be writing some persuasive letters about the issues that we will be learning about.

Sports Relief

This year the Year 6 children decided they wanted to plan, organise and run our school’s Sports Relief event. They worked incredibly hard and came up with all of the activities that the rest of the children could take part in: beat the goalie, a hula hoop competition, a speed bounce/skipping competition, sponge the teacher and a guess how many/guess the name competition! The children decided that each child would have to pay a pound to enter our Sports Relief Fun Activity event and this is how we would raise the money for Sports Relief. Each Year 6 child then had their own roles and responsibilities on the actual day – they set up the hall by themselves, ran the event by themselves and collected the money by themselves! The rest of the school really enjoyed their time at the event and the Year 6 children even had their own fun when all the hard work of planning and preparing was over! In total, we raised £124 for Sports Relief which we were really pleased about!

World Book Day!

This week we all dressed up as our favourite character from one of the legendary Roald Dahl stories. Some children came as Mr and Mrs Twit whilst others came dressed as Matilda! We had so much fun pretending to be these characters for a day and we also got a chance to read to some of the Year 1 children. As well as this, Mr Smith (the Year 4 teacher) came and read us a story.

Term 3

Throughout Term 3, we will be going on an emotional journey with our new text ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman. Since the story is all about a thirteen year old boy who needs a heart transplant, we will be supporting our writing by finding out all about the circulatory system. The book follows a boy who just wants a normal life so he has a decision to make – whether or not to take a chance on an experimental, controversial and risky operation. We will be writing about aspects of the book and exploring them further with the end goal of writing a balanced argument!

Football Skills!

This week we built on our football skills. Having already learnt about dribbling the ball and the need to keep your head up whilst doing so, we continued to find out about how to gain more control over the ball whilst moving about. It was tricky but we soon got the hang of it. Although it was cold outside, we knew it was important to get some exercise so that our bodies stay fit and healthy.

Class Debate!

Today the children held a class debate. This was to discuss whether the main character in our book should have a heart transplant or not. But this isn’t just any old heart transplant! He would be having the first ever heart transplant which uses the heart from a specially bred pig! The children really enjoyed this class debate, both giving their own opinion but also listening to the other side of the argument as well. This was in preparation for the children to write their own balanced arguments next week!

Road Safety!

This afternoon we were visited by South Gloucestershire Road Safety Team.  We learnt about the safe places we can cross the road, why it’s important to wear a seat belt for even the shortest of journeys and about making sure we are safe whilst riding our bikes. The children were also reminded that if they are under 135cm they legally still need to be in a booster seat when they are in a car.

Term 2

This term, we are very excited to start learning all about light, how we see, shadows, reflection and refraction. The children will learn how light travels and how this enables us to see objects. The children will have the opportunity to make a functioning kaleidoscope, finding out about mirrors and the angles of reflection and incidence. They will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate refraction, carrying out some fascinating experiments into the effects of bending light. Furthermore, they will have chance to predict what will happen in an exciting investigation into the visible spectrum. They will work in a hands-on way to explore how light creates the colours we see, designing coded messages.

We will be also using the text ‘The Viewer’ to link our enquiry to our writing.

Exploring our text!

Today the children were given a copy of the image of Tristan at the City Dump, stuck in the middle of an A3 sheet of paper. In pairs, or groups, the children brainstormed words for what they could see and phrases for how it made them feel around the image. We then discussed what they had written and shared reasons for these. The children then wrote a poem from the words and phrases they had brainstormed. The children then performed this to the rest of the class – they really thought about intonation, volume and movements in their performances.

How is light reflected?

Today we learnt that light appears to travel in straight lines by investigating the angles of incidence and reflection. We used the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye.

By the end of the lesson children could explain that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes. We used modelling clay to stand a mirror up on a piece of white paper and made a very narrow slit in a piece of card. We then dimmed the lights and shone a torch through the slit towards the mirror. Then on the white paper, we looked for the incident ray and the reflected ray of light. We had to play around with the angle of the torch and the distance in which we held it from the mirror before we could see a clear incident and reflected ray of light.

Term 1

This term, we are excited to be learning about World War 1 and World War 2. We will be exploring how it all began and who was involved as well as ways that the war affected everyday life. We already have so many questions which we can’t wait to get answered!

Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo’s wartime novel ‘Private Peaceful’. 

Remembrance Day!

Our challenge was to turn our cloakroom into a commemoration to World War 1 and World War 2. We looked at pictures of the Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red installation by ceramic artist Paul Cummins and decided we wanted to try to recreate this in our very own cloakroom. After lots of research, we agreed that we would create our own poppies and also write poems to remember the fallen soldiers of World War 1 and World War 2. We hope you like what we created as much as we do!


Year 6 have kicked off the year with a bang! We had such fun at Croft’s Farm in Tewkesbury where we learnt how to paddleboard, windsurf and rock climb amongst many other things. We now have lasting memories that will last a lifetime!