Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers

Parents and carers are an important part of our school community and their support is vital to ensure that our children are making the best possible progress in school. We recognise that good communication and clear expectations are essential in developing good partnerships.

Our current communication network includes:

  • weekly newsletters
  • parent/carer consultations evenings
  • termly newsletters from class teachers
  • text message service
  • school website

Children’s progress is regularly reviewed and targets are set for future learning. This information is communicated to parents at the consultation meeting at the end of term 3 and in the Annual Report in term 6.

In addition, staff are always happy to discuss any concerns raised by parents. We believe that these concerns are best addressed as soon after the concern has arisen so that it does not grow into a bigger concern. Class teachers are available at the beginning and end of the school day without an appointment being necessary. However, if you need to speak in more depth with a member of staff, it is best to arrange this in advance.

The school has clear policies that have been agreed, stating expectations that support effective partnership, whilst the termly newsletter from class teachers also communicates specific expectations for a class. We have a home/school agreement which will underpin this relationship.