Learning Mentors

Who and what is a learning mentor?

The role of the Learning mentor can change from lesson to lesson, subject to subject. Any child can be chosen to be a ‘learning mentor’ in or after a lesson, if they have shown themselves to be exemplary learners who can explain their thinking and understanding in specific areas and subjects.

 What can a learning mentor do?

  • Learning mentors could be there to help when someone is stuck in class i.e. children know to ask them before they ask a teacher.
  • Learning mentors could be assigned to a particular child who is struggling and support them through peer coaching
  • Learning mentors could be identified at the end of a session and be used to model to the children the following day
  • Learning mentors can be offered to other classes as support, if what they are learning in class is something they are already competent on.

How are they identified?

  • Class teachers will identify mentors during and after lessons
  • Once an mentor has been identified they will wear a lanyard for the rest of the lesson or from the start of the next session so they are easily identified
  • Teachers who need support from a mentor can write the need on the board and teachers can offer children to assist.