Helping your child

How can you help your child at home?

  • Encourage younger children to get themselves dressed.
  • Talk to your child about what they have done at school, their interests and about everyday activities.
  • Encourage your child to pick up a pen and make marks/write – shopping lists, birthday cards, notes in notebooks. Help them to write their name, but please do not use capital letters when you are writing (except the initial letter!).
  • Use every day experiences as opportunities for counting – climbing the stairs, laying the table, shopping etc – make counting purposeful.
  • Share stories with your child and once they start to bring reading books home, listen to your child read and talk about what they have read.
  • Try to encourage a good bedtime routine – children who are tired find it difficult to learn.

How can you help your child at school?

  • Let us know of any concerns or important information about your child.
  • Bring them to school on time – they find it hard to settle and will miss valuable learning time if they are late.
  • IN reception, stay with your child to support them doing their morning task from 8.50 – 9.00. This may be writing their name, practising letter formation or sharing a book with you.
  • Please collect your child on time – it can be upsetting to be left at school when all of your friends have gone home.
  • Provide your child with comfortable shoes – no laces please (unless they are able to do them up!) We are encouraging independence and Velcro or buckles are easier for small hands.
  • Please buy a book bag from the School Office. Your child will need to bring this in everyday. Further into the year, they will also bring home reading books to read to you. Please support us by writing a comment in their Reading record book, saying how your child enjoyed the book, or how they got on with reading them.
  • We do not allow home toys in school, so please ask your child to leave toys and precious belongings at home – it can be very upsetting when things get lost or broken.