Choir club performing for Southmead Hospital Buskathon

Reception Family Phonics 

It was fantastic to have so many parents join us to participate in a phonics lesson with their children. Miss. Carter taught a 30 minute phonics session exactly how she would in class with Reception. The parents were able to see how their children learn to read and write and gain a better understanding of how they can support this at home. Parents commented on how useful it was to see the way we teach phonics and understand what they can do at home. The children loved having their mums and dads in school and really thrived from showing their parents how it was done! Layla particularly loved the phonics event. She said “I loved it when my mummy helped me with my letters, she smiled when I did it.” Miss Carter found it particularly useful to answer questions that parents had regarding supporting their children in the early stages of reading. Overall, it was a huge success and Miss Carter and Reception are looking forward to the next parent workshop.

Sports Event

We had a wonderful afternoon on Tuesday, with the Sports for Schools event, led by Paralympian Katrina Hart.

I know that the children enjoyed the physical challenges, as well as drawing inspiration from meeting and listening to such a successful athlete. Thank you to everyone who supported this event by sponsoring the children, with money being split between the school and the charity.

The Story of Scrap

Early this year, a number of post-16 students from Patchway Community College visited our school as part of a project they were involved in called, “The Story of Scrap”.

They took photographs of our children playing using scrap from the playpod—photos that will now be used in an exhibition at The Engine Shed (at Temple Meads Station) BS1 6QH

Sports Relief

We’ve had a brilliant day in school, with the children organising and taking part in different sporting activities, whilst raising lots of money for Sports Relief.
Thank you to all of you who sent your child in to school dressed as a sporting hero and with money to spend and donate.

Thank you as well to all the staff who volunteered to be “sponged” – I am sure this was the highlight of the day for many children. Unfortunately, I was at a meeting this morning and missed this opportunity. Maybe another time!

We have raised £230.64 so far. I am always humbled by the generosity of the school community in supporting people in this country and around the world. This is a wonderful quality to possess and one that Coniston can be rightly proud of.

World Book Day

The Roald Dahl theme brought out some fantastic characters, including Matilda, George (with his marvellous medicine), Willy Wonka, Danny (Champion of the World), Augustus Gloop, Mr Twit, the BFG, Mike Teavee, Fantastic Mr Fox, lots of Oompa Loompas and many others besides.

Thank you to all of you who helped with costumes and all the wonderful accessories. It felt like a special day in school, celebrating books and our love of reading.

KS1 Nativity

Thank you to all of you who came along to the Christmas shows this week. Your children were fantastic and it was a lovely way to end the term. Thank you to everyone who helped make these such a success, especially Mr Budd, who created the amazing scenery.

Sponsored Walk

Thank you to everyone who supported the fancy dress sponsored walk at the end of last term. £836 was raised for PTA funds; money that can be spent on children throughout the school.
Thank you also to the PTA who organised this fun event.

Out and About in Patchway

Children in Year 1 braved the weather yesterday to explore Scott Park and other places in Patchway as part of their topic on the local area. They’ve been writing about their adventures, as well as creating some wonderful maps.

Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse has caused great excitement in school this morning, with the clouds breaking just in the nick of time. The whole school found their way out onto the playground, with bits of paper and card with holes punched through, as well as a colander found in the staff room.

Whilst the colander gave perhaps the most spectacular view, with dozens of crescent suns appearing, the children were able to project images of the sun through the pieces of card they took out.

We all felt the temperature drop and as the moon moved on, it was time to get back inside in the warm.

However, there was one treat left in store for some. As Year 5 walked back through the hall, one eagle eyed child spotted a crescent sun on the hall floor!

It really was a magical morning and something I am sure the children will remember for a long time.

Red Nose Day

School looked very different today, with red noses, hair bobbles, glasses and clothing everywhere!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Red Nose today—not just those that dressed up, but also those who sent in cakes for the sale this morning, those who bought cakes, performers in the talent show, parents and friends who came along to watch.

One of the great things about Coniston is how well these events are supported, showing wonderful willingness to help people around the world who are less fortunate than us.

Bristol Post Nativity Supplement

On Tuesday 16th December the Bristol Post will be publishing a Christmas Nativity Supplement which includes a picture of our children performing the Angel Express